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Center Resources

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NAtural PRoducts ALERT or  NAPRALERT® is a relational database of natural products. Ethnomedical, pharmacological, and biochemical information on extracts of organisms from in vitro, in situ, in vivo, in humans (case reports, non-clinical trials) and clinical studies are included. In addition, similar information is available for secondary metabolites from natural sources.

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The Center for Natural Products Technologies (CENAPT) at UIC serves as a national resource and provides leadership for the advancement of innovative technologies and methods used in natural product research. Follow them on Twitter

For more information concerning dietary supplements, research funding sources, and collaborators, please see: Heading link

  • NIH Office of Dietary Supplements website for general information about dietary supplements and Fact Sheets on particular supplements.
  • FDA Safety Alerts & Advisories page for FDA warnings and safety information regarding availiable dietary supplements.
  • NIH CARBON program page for more information about the program funding research centers like the UIC Botanical Center.
  • NCCIH website for more information about the NIH agency dedicated to defining the usefulness and saftety of complementary and integrative health interventions.