ICBG Collaborators

More than 35 key scientists with expertise in plant taxonomy, plant physiology, biodiversity conservation, ethnobotany, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, GIS, databasing, economics, and legal issues formed the UIC-based ICBG.

Key members of the UIC-Based Vietnam-Laos ICBG 1998-2012


  • Djaja Doel Soejarto (PI) (UIC)
  • Gregg Dietzman (PWS)
  • Hary H.S. Fong (UIC)
  • Scott Franzblau (UIC)
  • Charlotte Gyllenhaal (UIC)
  • Marian R. Kardushin *UIC)
  • Amey Libman (UIC)
  • Cuying Ma (USP)
  • Jimmy Orjala (UIC)
  • John M. Pezzuto (UofHI)
  • Mary C. Riley (UIC)
  • Lijun Rong (UIC)
  • William Rose (BMS)
  • Ghee t. Tan (UofHI)
  • Wei Xiang *UIC)
  • Honjie Zhang (UIC)


  • Truong Quang Bich (CPNP)
  • Le Tran Binh (VAST-IBT)
  • Le Xuan Canh (VAST-IBT)
  • Nguyen Quyet Chien (VAST-ICH)
  • Nguyen Manh Cuong (CPNP)
  • Le Zuan Dav (VAST-IBT)
  • Le Mai Huon (VAST-INPC)
  • Nguyen Van Hung (VAST-ICH)
  • Nguyen Tien Hipe (VAST-IEBR)
  • Phan Ke Loe (VAST-IEBR)
  • Ho Minh Ly (NIHE)
  • Dang Vu Minh (VAST)
  • Tran Van Sung (VAST-ICH)
  • Do Thi Thao (VAST-IBT)
  • Tran Van Thuy (UH)
  • Do Dinh Tien (TDNP)
  • Le Thi Xuan (VAST-IBT)


  • Somsanith Buoamanivong (TMRC)
  • Bounhong Southavong (TMRC)
  • Kongmany Sydara (TMRC)